Awatere Valley, Marlborough
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New Zealand is an island nation committed to the guardianship of our environment.  Agriculture, forestry and fishing are the backbone of our economy and dependent upon reliable rainfall, good sunshine hours, quality soils and abundant clean natural resources.

AgriTravel is committed to protect the environment and to help in reducing the risk of diseases, weeds or pests entering, spreading or leaving farms.

  • Entering New Zealand.  We ensure that all of our visitors and those returning to New Zealand are aware of the strict biosecurity procedures at airports to prevent the introduction of unwanted pests and diseases
  • We ensure that all visitors to farms, orchards and places of business arrive with clean equipment, clothing and footwear
  • We provide a footbath on our coaches for visitors to use prior to and upon leaving the farm or place of business
  • Single use overshoes are provided for each visit and disposed of responsibly
  • We work closely with farmers and business hosts to ensure we meet their biosecurity requirements


  • AgriTravel takes seriously the health and safety of the people on our tours and our hosts
  • We have a comprehensive Health and Safety policy
  • We ensure the safety of visitors to farms and businesses involved in our programmes