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Our Story

Connecting People and the International AgriBusiness Sector: Promoting Knowledge, Insight and Opportunity. Our core purpose is Enriching lives through great experiences.

AgriTravel International has been operating for over 30 years as an agri-business and agricultural tourism specialist.

We offer bespoke tour services for discerning clients with interests ranging from agriculture, horticulture, forestry and associated industries, and have welcomed groups to New Zealand from all corners of the globe.

The company has been organising and operating agricultural, business and technical study tours since 1991 when it was established by Judy Calder. After many passionate years’ operating AgriTravel with husband Alistair Calder, Judy was later supported by Karen Baldwin who took over management of the company in 2013 and then purchased the business in 2015.

Having been involved in the agricultural sector for most of her life, Karen also bought with her a wealth of knowledge, valuable contacts, and vast experience from the tourism industry. Karen successfully lead a small team and continued to create innovative and customised agricultural and special interest tours for a broad range of international group travellers.

The teams’ extensive and longstanding industry connections plus many years of experience in agricultural related industries, enabled the company to include a wide range of technical visits including farms, orchards, research units, agri-businesses and events.

The AgriTravel team has now grown substantially, following a partnership in June 2018 with Travel Time South Pacific; a New Zealand based, family-owned, inbound tourism operator.

Karen Baldwin joined Travel Time South Pacific and their Waikato-based office of experienced and passionate travel professionals and worked with the company until March 2020 when she left the tourism industry to assist her husband in his construction business.

Joining strengths with Travel Time South Pacific’s business and 30+ years of history, enables an even broader range of specialised product offerings for international clientele seeking to visit one of the world’s most progressive agricultural nations.

A priority for the business is to continue to create and deliver inspiring AgriTravel experiences to all clients, while introducing a wider range of agri-business programmes including outbound agricultural tours.

AgriTravel is a proud founding member of the Agricultural Tour Operators International association (ATOI) and works closely with its global members to offer creative tour programmes for existing clients and new markets keen to meet the people and business that shape the agricultural sector of New Zealand, and around the world.