Waikato Innovation Park, 1 Melody Lane, Hamilton, New Zealand

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[traverse_visual_readmore fname=”Karen” lname=”Baldwin” image=”http://agritravel.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Our-Team-Page_Karen-Baldwin.jpg” content=”Managing Director, Karen has been involved in the agricultural sector for most of her life. Supported by husband Roger, a Lincoln Agricultural College graduate and two daughters. The family bring a wealth of agricultural experience and passion. Karen also has extensive experience in group travel management putting AgriTravel in good hands.” link=”http://agritravel.co.nz/contact/”]


The AgriTravel gang received 10/10 ratings across the board. The compliments from the travellers have been coming to us too so thank you for making us look good!

Roger – Garden Tour Leader, Canada

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